About CoolWay

Founded in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood, and manufactured in Manitoba and Nova Scotia, CoolWay is 100% Canadian. In 2018, CoolWay launched as the first-ever homegrown, Canadian brand in the budding guilt-free ice cream category, offering seven low-calorie (from 280 calories per pint) and high-protein pints (up-to 28 grams of protein per pint). A year and a-million-pints-sold later, CoolWay was first to launch better-for-you ice cream bars to Canadians, with the launch of their 80-calorie cookies and cream bar, made with 100% Canadian ingredients. CoolWay’s founders Dino, Noah and Ben, are a trio of early-twenty-something entrepreneurs who regularly comb grocery store freezer aisles, enjoy daily ice cream taste tests, and are determined to lead in the better-for-you frozen desserts category. CoolWay remains the only Canadian competitor in the exciting guilt-free ice cream and frozen desserts category, and now offers pints in 15 delectable and totally-edible-in-one-sitting flavours. CoolWay is available in your grocer's freezer aisle nationwide.